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Adam Kebeck

Hi, Adam! Walk us through your average day.

As an Associate Manager for Regional Sales Planning, I work with a very talented team of Regional Sales Planners to Adam Kebeck picanalyze and plan out LivingSocial’s inventory. This is a pretty key part of my team's day. We handle a ton of different requests from the Sales Team ranging from "Did my deal go out correctly?", "What is the ideal structure for this deal?", "Can we get additional exposure for this merchant?", and "What would be the optimal exposure plan for this top tier merchant?".

At some point during our crazy days, I love getting Roti or Chop’t with team members and taking a walk past the White House. I really love working in downtown Washington, D.C.—it’s such a beautiful place to walk around during the day.

What is your favorite part about working at LivingSocial?

My absolute favorite part of working at LivingSocial is the people I get to work with on a daily basis. I am very fortunate to work with an incredibly talented Sales Team and our amazing Operations Support Team. The work environment at LivingSocial is fast-paced and dynamic. I love collaborating with multiple teams in the office—everyone is so motivated and has great chemistry.

What does your ideal weekend entail?

My ideal weekend includes going out to dinner on Friday night with friends and maybe catching a Nationals game. On Saturdays I love playing softball and getting outside—outdoor sports and fitness are key. On Sundays I love to lay low, watch movies, and football when in season.

What is your biggest motivator?

My biggest motivators are my parents as they grew up with almost nothing. My mom came here from Bolivia when she was in her twenties and did not speak English at all, while my dad was only able to attend college due to a basketball scholarship. Both of my parents are incredible role models and I really push hard to make sure I live up to their standards.

Tell us about your best LivingSocial moment.

My best LivingSocial moment was definitely the day I got an offer letter! As an avid fan of LivingSocial deals, I couldn't believe the day I was contacted regarding a potential opportunity to join the Media Planning team. While LivingSocial was a very small startup in only eight markets at the time, it was an incredible opportunity and I really knew I had to work there.

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