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What do you do at LivingSocial?

My role is the Photography Manager in Customer Operations, and I’ve been here for a year. I oversee content, strategy, and manage the US photography department for all company verticals (National, Local, Live Events, and Escapes).

Walk us through an average day.

Leading the photography department is a very nimble role; we work with nearly every business unit so each day is different. We may be making mood boards for brainstorming content marketing, photographing original content for social media, providing expert retouching for merchants, or shooting coverage of employee events like the “Global Startups and Innovators” roundtable. Any image you see associated with LivingSocial has been touched in some way by the Photo Department, so that’s pretty cool.

What’s something you do in your role that people might not know?

In collaborating with the Social Media Team, Photo drives the visual creative for content collateral. Sometimes we have to create inventive solutions to engineer a tricky shot, like the “1000th Follower” and “5th LivingSocial Birthday” posts for Instagram.

What’s your favorite part about working at LivingSocial?

What makes this place unique is the people. Working with cross-functional teams and learning from a variety of disciplines shows me how bright and dedicated the people are across the board. There are many moving parts to get a project completed, so working united with our teams is a fantastic environment to be a part of.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

I love seeing a project come to fruition. We spend a good amount of time completing competitive analysis and sorting logistics during pre-production, so seeing the final product is very rewarding. Pushing the limits beyond what we have done in the past helps opens minds to the capabilities and opportunities that our department can offer to the organization.

Tell us the best thing about working in DC.

DC is a pretty transient city focused on government and business, but there’s also a massive foodie culture here. Highlight of the year is hands-down Restaurant Week. Aside from that, having HQ in DC is great because there are loads of international happy hour talks and notable speakers that always have a tour stop here.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

I’m a bit of a weekend warrior and try to travel every bit I can. Otherwise I’m cooking for friends, hiking Billy Goat Trail, or failing terribly at golf.

What’s on your work playlist?

Our team actually has a shared playlist that everyone contributes to – so it’s an eclectic little mix of everything.

Describe your best LivingSocial moment.

For my one-year anniversary, my team surprised me with a hand-made flag banner using a play on my name: “Happy Hannahversary,” along with flowers and a dozen donuts. Little thoughtful surprises like that really enrich my workdays here. 

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