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Working with LivingSocial means partnering with a team dedicated to helping you grow your business. Whether you’re looking for a big surge of customers during your slow months or a steady stream throughout the year, LivingSocial can customize a solution to meet your business’s unique needs.

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A LivingSocial promotion lets you extend your brand’s reach to a desirable audience of affluent, educated household decision makers – all with no upfront cost.

  • 70% female
  • 56% make more than $75k
  • 70% are between ages 25-54
  • 76% have a college degree

Source: LivingSocial Proprietary Customer Data

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LivingSocial customers are always looking to discover the best local businesses their city has to offer.  We’ll give you the tools to track the reach of your promotion and engage in conversations directly with your satisfied customers so you can keep them coming back.  Did you know?:

  • 68% of LivingSocial purchasers are first-time visitors to the business
  • 70% plan to return to the business – frequently within 3 months
  • 55% refer others to local businesses after visiting
  • The average LivingSocial customer spends $26 above the voucher amount on their first visit.

Source: Based on 1,792 surveys completed between 6/27/13 and 7/2/13 by LivingSocial U.S. customers who have redeemed a purchased voucher in the previous 12 months. 

Let LivingSocial bring you the customers you need to thrive.

apply now to run a promotion

in their own words…

Listen to what our merchant partners have to say about working with LivingSocial.

success stories

Take a closer look at how LivingSocial can transform local businesses with these downloadable case studies:

marsh harbour inn

This quaint inn on the water has been running promotions with LivingSocial for nearly 4 years and generated nearly $640,000 in gross sales.

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day block brewing company

The brewery wanted to gain more exposure and leveraged LivingSocial's audience to bring in hundreds of first-time customers with a unique beer and bacon flight promotion. 
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maryland science center

This science center wanted to bring in more kids and their families. Through a special LivingSocial promotion, they sold nearly 7000 family memberships.

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edge restaurant

This progressive American steakhouse in the Four Seasons Hotel Denver leveraged LivingSocial to increase their midweek reservations with high-end clientele.
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coco key water park

This indoor water park wanted to reconnect with families and partnered with LivingSocial to bring thousands of young customers
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kennebunkport resort collection

This hotel and restaurant group partnered with LivingSocial to help fill their booking gaps and expand their reach to new customers. 
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motor bar & restaurant

This all-American bar and restaurant inside the Harley Davidson Museum broadened their local customer base by partnering with LivingSocial.
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harvest moon bed & breakfast

This culinary bed and breakfast wanted more midweek business. After just one promotion, it found itself booked solid.

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paradise point resort

This beautiful resort chose to run a Dated Flash Sale with LivingSocial and generated over $115,000 in gross sales from premium guests. 

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